To work to make Montezuma a better place to live, visit and do business for communities, businessmen and tourists.


To represent the private sector of Montezuma – small, medium and large sized enterprises — in a worthy manner.

Order and Transparency

Since its creation in 2005, CATUMO (Chamber of Tourism Association of Montezuma), the Board has been concerned that the association is orderly and 100% transparent in all the work that is carried out. To achieve this, CATUMO currently has a private accountant who keeps monthly accounts. In addition there is an outside firm that audits the association annually so members can rest assured that things are being done the right way. In cases where projects receive special donations from private enterprises, CATUMO hires a private firm to audit the management of these funds.

Board of Directors

Antonio Vallese Bianchi
Romano Cruz Jimenez
Sandy Astudillo
Doris Braun
Arnoldo Rojas León
Vocal 1
Eterlé Valle del Valle
Vocal 2
Marcelo Morera



Design, layout, implementation and administration: Alberto “Tito” Zevallos, Casa Montezuma Vacation Rental Home

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