September 2, 2013 by CaTuMo

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September 2, 2013 by CaTuMo

Click here to download the invitation in PDF format: Inauguración rótulos del Sendero Verde

Invitación a Inauguración del Sendero El Sueño Verde

August 22, 2013 by CaTuMo

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Agenda Dia de Parques Nacionales

July 18, 2013 by CaTuMo

CaTuMo affiliates and other members of the Montezuma community,

First off I’d like to thank the following business establishments and government agencies for having shown a genuine interest in the fight against the dangerous dengue virus and for participating in the Dengue Virus Prevention and Treatment Workshop that the Ministry of Health held in the community in a joint effort with the Municipal Council and CaTuMo. Many thanks to:

  • Bar y Restaurante Moctezuma
  • Soda Las Delicias
  • Restaurante La playa de los artistas
  • Restaurante y Café Orgánico
  • Hotel y Restaurante El Sano Banano
  • Ylang ylang beach resort & spa
  • Casitas Sollevante
  • Hotel Amor de Mar
  • Hotel Casacolores
  • Hotel Aurora
  • Hotel Moctezuma
  • Hotel El Jardín
  • Hotel Capitán
  • Librería Topsy
  • Cocozuma Tours
  • Tropisphere Real State
  • Concejo Municipal de Distrito de Cóbano
  • Ministerio de Salud

It’s truly a pity that there was not a great attendance and that the effort and work taken to plan and carry out such an activity was not as fruitful as it could have been.

There are some items we learned at the Workshop that surprised those in attendance, such as the fact that the mosquitoes that transmit the dengue virus (aedes aegypti) do not need to bite a sick person to become carriers because they are now born with the infection. Additionally, they not only reproduce in clean water. It has been found that now they even reproduce in septic tanks, which makes it critical for all air exhaust pipes from septic tanks be covered with a piece of mesh bound with a rubber band or with a sock.

The dengue virus is a very serious illness that has to be regarded with caution and respect, as the symptoms are increasingly becoming more severe. There have been 4 fatal cases in the central Pacific region. All clinics and hospitals in the region are overloaded. There has been a 300% increase in the number of cases compared to last year. We have more than 200 cases in Santa Teresa. A week ago when we had the Workshop there was one case in Montezuma. Today I received a call from Dr. Fabio Quesada, Chief of the Clínica de Cóbano, to inform me that there are now four cases and that this is cause for great concern as the situation could turn much worse at any time.

I don’t know if you have seen, heard or read national news lately, but in case you have not heard, the Panamerican Health Office has given a national alert for dengue in Costa Rica, in particular for the central Pacific region to which we belong, being that this is the area where the greatest number of cases is being reported. If you have noticed a reduction in the flow of tourists this mid-year, you may draw your own conclusions as to the reason!

FUMIGATION IS NOT THE SOLUTION! Fumigation only eradicates adult mosquitoes, leaving scores of larvae alive so that only a few days later they will be happily flying around infecting more victims!

THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO ELIMINATE THEIR BREEDING SITES! This is why I fervently urge everyone to face this problem together so that we can tackle it and triumph over this mortal enemy!


We must check rain gutters, eliminate plants that collect stagnant water, eliminate plates under potted plants, wash and regularly change our pets’ water dishes, check all our grounds and the surroundings of our properties, the educational facilities attended by our children, churches, commercial establishments, sports facilities … in short, it’s hard work that belongs to everyone and to each of us. Please be aware of the urgency of the situation and let’s take action now!

This coming Wednesday, July 24, there will be an extraordinary trash collection run. We must gather all electronic and other waste, including old tires and any other object that may gather stagnant water and form a breeding site. Besides the yards and surroundings of our homes and businesses, we must also be concerned about our neigborhood’s shared public areas. Please take all of this waste out to the street for collection by Municipal Council personnel this coming Wednesday!

Let’s get busy and be ready to offer our children, guests, visitors and ourselves a Dengue-Free Community!

Sincerely, Rebeca Quesada Güell – CaTuMo

June 30, 2013 by CaTuMo

CaTuMo is please to invite everyone in Montezuma and neighboring areas to attend a workshop regarding:

Prevention and Treatment of the Dengue Virus

Date: Thursday, July 11
Time: from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon (please be on time!)
Location: Second floor at Restaurante Moctezuma

Together we can win the battle against dengue!

Please! At least one representative of each household and another for employees in charge of groundskeeping and cleaning of each business!

Only together can we prevent becoming ill ourselves and infecting our guests!

Don’t miss it! We’ll see you there!

Rebeca, Albert, Lenin, Ori, Javier, Geoff y Christina

Costa Rica unida contra el dengue

June 20, 2013 by CaTuMo

CaTuMo would like to urge you to take action to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to create awareness of the urgent need for us to eliminate any possibility of mosquito breeding inside and outside of our homes and businesses.

Many people continue to believe that fumigation is the solution, but this is not so.

Together we can create a district of Cóbano that is free of dengue, but the Ministry of Health by itself can not have an impact on our actions. We need more commitment from each person in our community.

Please help us protect the health of our residents and visitors!

April 3, 2013 by CaTuMo

Reunion CaTuMo Conavi

On February 18, 2013, at CaTuMo’s request, a meeting was held with the goal of making progress on the works to recover the road surface on route R624 Cóbano-Montezuma. Attending the meeting were engineers José Luis Salas Quesada, executive directo, Cristian Vargas Calvo, Road Conservation director, Reynaldo Mata Carranza, Guanacaste region director, all representing the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (CONAVI) along with Cóbano Municipal District Mayor Mr. Omar Fernandez Villegas and CaTuMo directors Antonio Vallese Bianchi and Romano Cruz Jimenez. The meeting was held so that the new executive director for the CONAVI could gather the necessary information pertaining to the works done in the past and to set a date for the next meeting, which will take place in late April. In the April meeting the goal will be to trace the plan to involve all concerned actors such as the MOPT, the Chamber of Tourism, the neighbors in the community, and the Municipal Council so that each can individually contribute what’s required of them to continue with the works and have the CONAVI open a bidding process for this purpose.

March 29, 2013 by CaTuMo

Traspaso 2011

This image is evidence of the importance of CaTuMo’s efforts for the community and the recognition it receives from local authorities: CaTuMo president Antonio Vallese (at left) was a special guest at the swearing-in ceremony for the District of Cóbano Municipal Council in 2011.

November 7, 2012 by CaTuMo

Calle Montezuma

The Cóbano District City Council will pave the route segment in Montezuma ranging from the bus and taxi stop to the bridge over the Rio Montezuma. CaTuMo is working with the survey work and the project also includes the construction of a wooden pedestrian bridge that would connect from the bus stop to the street next to Hotel Montezuma and vice versa. The City Council will provide labor while CaTuMo will pay for the materials.

Download PDF: Calle Montezuma Plan

October 28, 2012 by CaTuMo

With great excitement and anticipation began the work of the newly formed Federation of Tourism Chambers Peninsular, which is made up by the Chambers of Montezuma, Malpais / Santa Teresa, Tambor and Paquera and aims to define urgent needs for the District that can be heard as one voice for the presidency. On Friday, October 19, representatives of each camera plus a member of the Municipal Tourism Commission met with the Minister of the Presidency Carlos Ricardo Benavides, the general manager of the Institute of Costa Rica Tourism Juan Carlos Borbón, National Liberation Party Deputy for Puntarenas Mrs. Agnes Gomez and current members of the regional office of the Puntarenas ICT.

Photos courtesy Guia Peninsula de Nicoya

Councilman speaks at meeting / Regidor comenta durante reunión


Antonio Vallese addresses the audience / Antonio Vallese se dirige a la audiencia