March 9, 2011 by CaTuMo

A total success!

The Montezuma Chamber of Tourism would like to extend our most since gratitude to every person who participated and, through their effort and collaboration, made this proyect possible. We especially thank El Sano Banano for their food donation, Amor de Mar for providing us with a venue and food, Cocolores, Orgánico and Roberto Acevedo, Tiani Gatti and Hodges for their confections, Mamma Maria bakery, Pipasa for their appetizer donation, L’Angolo Allegro, Astrid Schultze, Romano, Jairo, Lenin and all the volunteers, Christina Sherman and Jorge ‘Empanada’ por helping out at the sales stand, to Madeleine, Tad and Jana, Marlen Delgado, Tairona, Jairo Solano and Teresa Cerdas.

Our thanks to to all the musicians and artists! To Macana, Cristiano Bonfigli, Orquesta Sinem-Montezuma, Toli, Chisco, Cecilia, Jorge Roseman, Eli, Geoff McCabe, Joseph, Ninoska Gomez, Irene and Gabriel and Barbara for their beautiful performances and great music.

Thanks to all who participated in the fabulous ‘Ticos vs. the Rest of the World’ soccer match and our congratulations to the winners: The Ticos!

Thanks to Mario, Macho and to all those who are involved in the daily task or collecting and processing our recyclables.


Our first ever Recycling Festival, from which we have learned much and gained experience for future and BETTER festivals and events. Thanks to all of Montezuma’s community for assisting and joining us in this day full of art, music and flavor!

Thanks to all those people who supported us and whose names may elude us at this time.

We take advantage of this opportunity to invite you to attend CaTuMo’s meetings, where we will gladly welcome all suggestions and ideas to improve and nurture this wonderful place.

Pure Recycling and Pura Vida!

Please click here to visit the “Montezuma Recycles” page on Facebook.

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