Project to replenish the Montezuma aqueduct

Promotion of Ecotourism

Promoting domestic and foreign tourism in the Montezuma area, committed to environmental conservation.

Restoration of the Police Station

Caseta PolicialAfter much effort and diligence on the part of CATUMO, we hired 2 permanent security officers for our community. For this reason we are collecting donations from our members and the general public in order to restore the police station that is adjacent to the temporary bus stop.

We give our deepest and sincere thanks to all those who have already made their donations and urge all those who have not yet made a donation to do so and support this important project.

Community Recycling Project

reciclaje_catumoThis project encourages the installation of garbage recycling in different parts of the community.

This project is very important because one of the main objectives of the Chamber of Tourism of Montezuma is to promote sustainable development in the community. This project aims to deal with the waste collection in the village as well as creating awareness among our residents and visitors about the importance of recycling.

Traffic in the Center of Montezuma

This project aims to decongest the main roads of the town and set rules for the trucks, as well as loading and unloading areas. Our dream for the future is to make the community of Montezuma into a pedestrian area.

Montezuma de Noche