April 3, 2011 by CaTuMo

A meeting was held last Wednesday, March 30th, to discuss the works to be carried out on Cóbano – Montezuma Route 624. Present at the meeting were Montezuma Chamber of Tourism president Antonio Vallese, Cóbano mayor Omar Fernandez, CONAVI subdirector Miguel Arroyo, Quebrador Manchester of Tambor sales manager Luis Prendas and a neighbor from Cóbano. After four hours a direct contracting was worked out for the preparation of the base, sub-base and the application of a rolling surface for this route for a cost of approximately ¢125,000,000.00 and requiring the use of 7,000 m3 of material.

The next step is a bidding process including a maximum number of three contractors followed by the initiation of the works on the road in approximately two months.

In view of this, the president of CaTuMo requested a meeting with the executive director of the CONAVI, engineer Carols Eduardo Acosta Monge, to request a more expedient initiation of the works given that the condition of the hill is such that it is risky to delay for so long.

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